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Foster Application

Foster Application for animals of the Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc. PLEASE NOTE: We are a very small organization that generally works with foster homes within the vicinity of our kennel facility in Bolton, CT. We simply do not have the resources available to support foster homes that are further away geographically. If you are within 30 miles of Bolton, CT then you may apply to be a foster.

There are currently two foster programs available for you to choose.

For those that want to try out fostering, or are only able to dedicate a weekend to fostering, we have a Weekend Foster program available. Typically, you will pick-up an animal from our kennel facility on a Friday and return them to the kennel facility on a Sunday.

For those that are able and willing to dedicate themselves to longer term fostering, we have a Long Term Foster program available. Long Term Foster simply means, more than just a weekend. It could be as short as a week or as long as a few months depending how long it takes for a particular animal to get adopted.

I. Information about the animal you wish to foster:
II. Information about you
III. Information about your residence and household
IV. Information about your household pets
V. Additional Information