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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

Question: Are you a "kill shelter"?
Answer: Absolutely not! We are a "no kill shelter". No kill shelters are animal shelters/rescues which pledge not to euthanize, meaning that adoptable or medically treatable animals are saved and adopted, no matter how long the adoption process might take.

Question: Why does it take so long for someone to respond to me?
Answer: Everyone involved in responding to rescue inquiries (via phone, mail, email or website) is a volunteer during their "free time". We all work normal jobs, have family responsibilities etc. So we can only get to your inquiries after those activities. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Question: Why should I donate to your rescue?
Answer: To help us save more lives! Adoption donations fall far short of the actual medical, behavioral and boarding expenses that our rescue incurs. The difference is made up from cash donations, grants and affiliate programs advertised on our website. Without donations, our rescue would cease to exist. All general donations to our rescue are 100% tax deductible. We also do not have any paid staff, so every penny goes straight to homeless animals.

Donate any amount you can to support the general care of our animals. No donation is too small. We need monetary donations for the purpose of vetting, housing, transport, medicine and all of the other expenses we incur every day. One-time donations are appreciated; however we also could benefit from regular sponsors for the animals that we support on an ongoing basis. You can also name our organization as a beneficiary of your estate or life insurance policy.

Question: If I need to give-up my animal, will you take it?
Answer: We do not typically accept animals that an individual owner is looking to surrender. We save our limited foster home space for animals that are in danger of being euthanized. On occasion, we have been known to make an exception when an animal is in danger or the animal's living conditions are such that immediate action must be taken in order to ensure the animal's safety. The animal must, however, present no danger to the other occupants (humans, dogs, cats, etc.) of the foster home.

Even though we can't take your animal into our rescue, we are always glad to speak with individual owners. We can answer any questions an owner may have if s/he is being forced to give up an animal and we can also courtesy post your pet on our website and Facebook page. We don't want these animals to end up in a local pound or abandoned on the street.