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Animal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where do your animals come from?
Answer: The majority of animals that we rescue are saved from kill shelters. Our primary partnership is with the Hartford Pound in Bloomfield, CT. At the Hartford Pound, animals are only provided 10 days to be adopted before being euthanized. On occasion we will offer assistance to long distance pounds and shelters. We rescue as many dogs/cats as we are able to, regardless of breed, age or those with special needs.

Question: Where do you keep your animals while they are waiting to be adopted?
Answer: Sadie Mae Foundation keeps limited shelter space, rented from a local kennel, and it is maintained entirely by volunteers. Sometimes our animals are in foster homes with volunteers that are dedicated to giving these animals the chance they deserve. Our volunteers evaluate our animals' personalities and temperaments. They care for the animals and provide necessary socialization.

Question: Why does my new animal have to be spayed/neutered?
Answer: We require every animal to be spayed/neutered because our organization sees the devastating effects of animal overpopulation every day.