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Adoption Donation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why do I need to pay an "adoption donation" in order to adopt an animal?
Answer: There are three main reasons we require an "adoption donation". We want to:
  1. recover some of the money we spent to properly care for the animal;
  2. ensure you are serious about adopting an animal; and
  3. continue to save more lives.
Many people do not realize the cost of rescuing animals. Here is a general breakdown of the basic expenses that we pay for virtually every dog/cat that we rescue:

Basic Expenses

Pull Fees (fees we must pay to local pounds in order to 'pull' animals from their facilities - yes they charge us for that!)
Cost of a boarding facility, if there are no foster homes available
Feeding costs for animals
Grooming (many animals come in matted and dirty from being on the streets)
Full medical evaluation from a veterinarian
Full set of vaccinations
Heart Worm test
Fecal test and deworming medication, if necessary
Spay or neuter surgery, if age appropriate
Monthly Heart Worm preventative
Monthly flea/tick preventative (seasonal)

These are just the basics. Then there are extended care expenses. Here is a list of just some of these kinds of expenses:

Extended Expenses

Dental work, such as extraction of rotted teeth
Medicated baths or ointments for skin conditions, such as Mange, lesions, rashes or allergies
Medication for eye infections, ear infections
Heart Worm diagnostics/treatment
Tumor/Cancer diagnostics/surgery
Cherry Eye surgery
Medication for kennel cough, respiratory infections etc.
Behavior training
The bills are staggering!

Our organization saves these animals and provides all of this care so that they will have a better life in a permanent "forever home". We don't want to see them surrendered back to a pound or abandoned back on the streets in a few years. This is why we want to ensure that you are serious about adopting an animal.

There are many people who don't value what they get for free. A new family's willingness to pay an adoption fee helps to demonstrate that they're financially able and willing to provide proper care for the pet.

Lastly, "adoption donations" also go back into the rescue's bank account so that funds are available for the next animal that finds itself in an urgent, life-or-death situation.

Question: Don't the veterinarians donate their services so you get free medical services?
Answer: No, we do not get free veterinary services. We do get reduced vet fees. Don't get us wrong, our veterinarians are very good to us and we could not do it without them, but they still must make a living and cover their expenses.

Question: What do you do when the dog/cat costs more than the "adoption donation"?
Answer: We do not deny care or turn away animals based on their medical or behavioral training needs. Since our adoption fee generally does not cover the cost of a dog's/cat's care, we rely heavily on fundraising and donations to make up the difference. We are a non-profit group and all non-adoption donations are gratefully accepted and tax deductible.

Question: Is the "adoption donation" negotiable?
Answer: For all the reasons described above, "adoption donations" are not generally negotiable. We simply could not continue to rescue animals if we negotiated lower "adoption donations" all the time. However, if you have a significant, personal hardship that you feel we should consider, please discuss this with us prior to submitting an application to adopt an animal.