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Adoption Application

Adoption Application for animals of Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc

Thank you so very much for taking the time to complete this adoption application. This application must be completed IN FULL or it will delay the processing of your application. Do not fill-out this application until every person in your household is in agreement with adopting a pet.

Although it is infrequent, some of our animals have had a difficult life prior to being rescued and may require patience and training in order to overcome their insecurities and become the well adjusted pet they have the potential to be. We will always inform potential adopters of any known issues they may encounter with our animals and provide guidance for overcoming them. Our goal is always to place an animal in it’s FOREVER home so please consider your commitment before making a decision to apply.

Please do not submit an application if you require an animal to be shipped. We will not ship animals.

It is the intention of Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc to review your responses, check your references and get back to you as soon as we can. Please remember, however, that Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc reserves the right to decline any application, based on the information we receive or are given during the approval process, if it is determined that the home is not a suitable match for the animal.

Information received during the approval process is considered confidential.

Once again, thank you for your desire to open your heart and home to your potential new family member. Should you encounter any difficulty with the online form itself, please don't hesitate to email us at

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